Sports Nutrition

Live Smarter Nutrition & Wellness

Owner: Lindsay Schmitz, MS, RD, LDN

Live Smarter Nutrition & Wellness is nutrition counseling practice located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh specializing in weight management, maternal, infant and childhood nutrition, and sports dietetics

Registered, Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist and Pure Haven Essentials Independent Consultant, Lindsay Schmitz will help you understand how to live a healthier life-choosing whole, nourishing food, encouraging movement and ridding your home and personal care products of toxic chemicals.

Nutrition CheckUp, LLC
Imperial, PA
Nutrition CheckUp is a private nutrition practice located in the west side of Pittsburgh focusing on healthy eating and performance eating for families, athletes and those struggling with disordered eating.

Heather is the founder and the primary registered dietitian at Nutrition CheckUp. She provides one-on-one, group and family counseling to help clients break through their barriers to success and get started down a new path to being healthy. Heather will teach and coach clients to make healthy food choices that are specific to their individual needs. You won’t be put on a diet; Instead, Heather works with clients one-on-one to promote a healthier lifestyle that will be adopted forever. Different clients present with different health concerns, struggles and nutrition knowledge and therefore counseling sessions vary from one client to another. She meets the client where they are in their readiness to develop healthy habits and works with them to grow from there. All sessions are geared to help individuals make practical changes in their nutritional regimen for their specific goals.