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Helping Pittsburgh Eat Right

The Pittsburgh Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (PitAND) is the professional organization of registered dietitians (RDs) and dietetic technicians, registered (DTRs). As the advocate of RDs and DTRs, PitAND strives to promote optimal nutrition, health, and well-being of the citizens of the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. The members of PitAND are recognized as the experts in the field of food and nutrition by the public as well as by government, business, industry, and health professionals.


We are some enthusiastic people and we love what we do!  Let us get introduced.

  • Juliet Mancino MS,RDN,CDE,CCRC,FAND
    Juliet Mancino MS,RDN,CDE,CCRC,FANDPresident


    Education: MS and BS from University of Pittsburgh

    Current Job Title: Clinical Research Coordinator


    Interests & Hobbies: Pittsburghs sports teams, fitness, family fun

    Favorite Healthy Food:  Veggie pizza on whole wheat crust and all things avocado

    • Caroline Passerrello, MS, RD, LDN
      Caroline Passerrello, MS, RD, LDN Past President

      Registered Dietitian Since: 2003

      Job Title: Nutrition Strategy Consultant and Mompreneur

      Education:  University of Pittsburgh –  B.S. in Psychology, B.S. in Clinical Dietetics, and M.S. in Wellness and Human Performance

      Interests & Hobbies: Quality time with my family, yoga, and cooking

      Favorite Healthy Food: Peanut Butter, bananas, & fish and veggies on the grill (not all together)

    • Erin Pover MS, RD, LD
      Erin Pover MS, RD, LDPresident-Elect

      Registered Dietitian Since: 2009

      Job Title:  Clinical Dietitian at Jefferson Hospital of the Allegheny Health Network

      Education: University of Pittsburgh – B.S. and M.S. in Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition

      Interests & Hobbies: Weight management, watching the Pens, running, reading, spending quality time with my family amd friends

      Favorite Healthy Food: Greek Yogurt with almonds

    • Lisa B. Martich, RDN, LDN
      Lisa B. Martich, RDN, LDNDelegate

      Registered Dietitian Since: 1983

      Job Title: Graduate student at University of Pittsburgh in Wellness and Human Performance

      Education: B.S. The Ohio State University, School Of Allied Medical Professions, Medical Dietetics Division

      Interests & Hobbies: French conversation and culture, skiing, golfing, spinning and resistance training, volunteering, service to others

      Favorite Healthy Food: Grilled Seasoned Salmon and Brussel Sprouts

    • Kim Autore, MS, RD, LDN
      Kim Autore, MS, RD, LDNSecretary

      Registered Dietitian Since: 2013

      Job Title:  Clinical Dietitian for the Pulmonology Department at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, of UPMC as well as a  Nutrition Therapist for Early Intervention.

      Education: Coordinated Master’s in Dietetics – University of Pittsburgh 2013, B.S. Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition, University of Pittsburgh

      Interests & Hobbies: Rock climbing, biking, cooking,

      Favorite Healthy Food: Salmon and spinach

    • Kira Paris, MBA, RDN, LDN
      Kira Paris, MBA, RDN, LDNTreasurer

      Registered Dietitian Since: 2009

      Specialties: Nutrition & Recipe Analysis, Labeling & Regulatory

      Current Job Title: Nutrition Specialist, Giant Eagle

      Education: B.S. in Clinical Dietetics from the University of Pittsburgh; M.B.A. from Chatham University

      Interests & Hobbies: Experimenting with new recipes, yoga, organizing social events, playing with my Golden Retriever puppy

      Favorite Healthy Food: Grilled Shrimp and Vegetable Kabobs with Quinoa Salad

      • Mimi Wilson, MS, RD, LDN
        Mimi Wilson, MS, RD, LDNCareer Guidance Chair

        Registered Dietitian Since: 1986

        Job Title: Director, Dietetic Program at the Community College of Allegheny County

        Education: B.S. Messiah College, M.S. Framingham State University

        Interests & Hobbies: Walking, biking, gardening, reading

        Favorite Healthy Food: Asparagus



        • Mara Savage, RDN, LDN
          Mara Savage, RDN, LDNCouncil on Practice Chair

          Registered Dietitian Since: July 2014

          Current Job Title: Project Manager of the Power Up nutrition education program at Adagio Health.

          Education: Indiana University of Pennsylvania, B.S. Nutrition and Dietetics

          Interests & Hobbies: Cooking, spending time with my family and friends, live music and football!

          Favorite healthy food: Avocados on just about everything and Greek yogurt

        • Lindsay Lee, MS, RD, LDN
          Lindsay Lee, MS, RD, LDNNominating Committee Chair

          Registered Dietitian Since: 2010

          Specialties: I work in the practice areas of weight management and Bariatric surgery nutrition.

          Job Title: Dietitian Coordinator, UPMC (Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC)

          Education:  B.S. Clinical Dietetics & Nutrition and Coordinated Masters in Dietetics from the University of Pittsburgh

          Interests & Hobbies: Food policy and legislative initiatives, Vegetarian nutrition, Childhood obesity/adolescent nutrition, Shopping, Music/Concerts, Pittsburgh restaurants, Steelers, Swimming, recently bought a bike and enjoying getting back into riding!

          Favorite Healthy Food: Kashi Go Lean

          • Rikki Rabbin MS,RD
            Rikki Rabbin MS,RDCouncil on Practice Chair-Elect

            Registered Dietitian Since: 2016

            Current Job Title: Supervisor at Adagio’s Power Up

            Education: B.S. Marketing, University of Maryland.  M.S. Nutrition, University of Pittsburgh

            Interests & Hobbies: Cooking, face painting, and smelling everything at Penzey’s.

            Favorite healthy food: Grapefruit

            • Jennifer Simpson MS,RD,LD,
              Jennifer Simpson MS,RD,LD,Nominating Committee Chair-Elect

              Registered Dietitian Since: 2009

              Current Job Title: Lead Clinical Dietitian for Aladdin Food Management Services, working at the Kane Regional Centers in Allegheny County

              Education: B.S and M.S From University of Pittsburgh

              Interests & Hobbies:  Spending time with family and friends, reading and staying active

              Favorite healthy food: Any type of salad



              • Beth Latham, MS, RD,LD,CNSC
                Beth Latham, MS, RD,LD,CNSCWebmaster Co-Chair

                Registered Dietitian Since: 2013

                Specialties: Nutrition Support, Critical Care

                Job Title: Clinical Dietitian & Nutrition Support Team dietitian

                Education: B.S. in Dietetics – Auburn University, Auburn,AL

                M.S. in Nutrition – Auburn University, Auburn,AL

                Dietetic Internship- University of Alabama at Birmingham- Mobile, AL

                Interests & Hobbies: Cooking, running, playing with my dog!

                Favorite Healthy Food: Salmon, quinoa and grilled vegetables

                • Liz Henry, MS, RD, LDN
                  Liz Henry, MS, RD, LDNWebmaster

                  Registered Dietitian Since: 2013

                  Job Title: Health and Nutrition Coordinator, Pittsburgh Public Schools

                  Education: BS in Nutrition from Virginia Tech, MS in Nutrition from University of Pittsburgh

                  Interests & Hobbies: Pinteresting, spinning, indoor gardening, child nutrition programs

                  Favorite Healthy Food: Edamame, lentils, and cottage cheese (not together)!

                • Trisha Cousins, MS,RD, LDN
                  Trisha Cousins, MS,RD, LDNNominating Committee Member

                  Registered Dietitian Since: 2009

                  Job Title:Clinical Coordinator and Instructor in the Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh

                  Education:  BS from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and MS from Case Western Reserve University

                  Interests & Hobbies: Exploring Pittsburgh restaurants, cooking and yoga

                  Favorite Healthy Food: Blueberries and Avacados

                • Leah Huemmrich, DTR
                  Leah Huemmrich, DTRDTR Chair

                  Registered Dietitian Since: DTR 2014

                  Current Job Title: Private Chef

                  Education: A.S. in Dietetics from CCAC (Grad 2014) and a B.A. in Classical Studies from Penn State (Grad 2011)

                  Interests & Hobbies: Cooking; Outside of nutrition, I really enjoy reading and hiking.

                  Favorite Healthy Food: Chickpeas! I can never eat enough chickpeas

                  • Melanie Simko RDN
                    Melanie Simko RDNPR/ NNM Co-Chair

                    Registered Dietitian Since: 2006

                    Current Job Title: Registered Dietitian

                    Education: Seton Hill University Coordinated program in Nutrition / Dietetics 2006

                    Interests & Hobbies: Running, hiking, cooking, traveling, reading, watching Pirates baseball

                    Favorite healthy food: Roasted Brussels sprouts

                    • Joanie Risbano, MS, MPH, RD, LDN
                      Joanie Risbano, MS, MPH, RD, LDNMembership Co-Chair

                      Registered Dietitian Since: 2000

                      Current Job Title:  Health Educator, Nutrition Specialist for Cigna Healthcare

                      Education: MS and MPH – Tufts University,  BS – New Mexico State University

                      Interests & Hobbies:  Gardening, cooking and going on adventures with my family – we love to travel and explore the food scene wherever we go.

                      Favorite Healthy Food:  Almost any fruit, or fresh roasted green chile from my home state (NM).

                      • Tanya Muecke, RD, LDN
                        Tanya Muecke, RD, LDNCommunity Involvement Co-Chair

                        Registered Dietitian Since: 2009

                        Current Job Title: Registered Dietitian, Catholic Charities Free Health Care Center

                        Education: B.S. in Dietetics, Virginia Tech

                        Interests & Hobbies: Cooking, traveling, reading, barre and yoga classes

                        Favorite Healthy Food: Quinoa, black bean, and sweet potato chili – so good!

                        • Pat Harper MS,RD
                          Pat Harper MS,RDPublic Policy Committee Co-Chair

                          Registered Dietitian Since:  1970

                          Current Job Title:  Nutrition Consultant

                          Education: MS University of Pittsburgh, Nutrition;  BS Fontbonne College in St Louis, Foods & Nutrition

                          Interests & Hobbies: Food: Growing, Cooking, & especially Eating interesting food;   Travel 

                          Favorite Healthy Food: Sabra Hummus, Broccoli, Fresh homemade bread

                          • Lauren Oeler, MS, RDN, LDN
                            Lauren Oeler, MS, RDN, LDNMembership Member

                            Registered Dietitian Since: 2008

                            Current Job Title: Stay at home mom

                            Education: M.S.- Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition, University of Pittsburgh; B.S. – Biology, Millersville University

                            Interests & Hobbies: Traveling/exploring, cooking, walking/hiking, being outdoors

                            Favorite Healthy Food: Berries, grilled chicken and vegetable kebobs, avocado, Greek yogurt

                            • Sarah Trist MS,RD,LD
                              Sarah Trist MS,RD,LDPublic Policy Co- Coordinator

                              RD since: 2005

                              Current Job Title: Wellness Coach

                              Education: BS in Nutrition from Syracuse University MS in Food Policy
                              and Applied Nutrition from the Friedman School of Nutrition at Tufts

                              Interests & Hobbies: Gardening, fostering animals, running, and baking.

                              Favorite Healthy Food:  Broccoli

                              • Ashley Roth MS,RD,LD
                                Ashley Roth MS,RD,LDCommunity Involvement Co-Chair

                                Registered Dietitian Since: 2012

                                Job Title:  Instructor at Seton Hill University

                                Education: Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise from Virginia Tech (2008); Master of Science in Behavioral and Community Nutrition from Virginia Tech (2010); Dietetic InternshipVirginia Tech- Northern Virginia Site (2012) Public Policy and Leadership Focus

                                Interests & Hobbies:  Running, Baking, Traveling, Shopping

                                Favorite Healthy Food: Avacados

                                • Rachel Kingsley, MBA, RD, LDN, CDE
                                  Rachel Kingsley, MBA, RD, LDN, CDEMembership Co-Chair

                                  Registered Dietitian Since: 2006

                                  Specialties: Diabetes Education

                                  Current Job Title: Renal Dietitian, Fresenius Medical Care

                                  Education: BS – Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, University of Pittsburgh; MBA with a focus in Innovation Management – Carlow University

                                  Interests & Hobbies: Running, music, volunteering

                                  Favorite Healthy Food: Legumes, especially black beans

                                  • Lisa Matt MS,RD,LD
                                    Lisa Matt MS,RD,LDPR/NNM Co-Chair

                                    Registered Dietitian Since: since 2007, previously a DTR with a Bachelor’s degree since 1999

                                    Job Title:  Operations Coordinator for the Allegheny County Health Department WIC program

                                    Education: Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from Penn State University and Coordinated Masters degree in Clinical Dietetics from the University of Pittsburgh

                                    Interests & Hobbies: Spending time with my family, swing dancing on occasion when I get a chance to do it

                                    Favorite Healthy Food: steamed wild fresh salmon and broccoli

                                    • Charlotte Hill MS,RD,LD
                                      Charlotte Hill MS,RD,LDMentoring Co-chair

                                      Registered Dietitian Since: 2015

                                      Job Title:  Registered Dietitian, Continuing Healthcare Solution, Inc

                                      Education: M.S. University of Pittsburgh. B.S. University of Georgia

                                      Interests & Hobbies: Running, Weight lifting, Traveling, Bakings

                                      Favorite Healthy Food: Food: Vegetables fresh from the garden and popcorn homemade on the stove top.

                                      • Hillary Budkowski MS, RD,LDN
                                        Hillary Budkowski MS, RD,LDNMentoring Co-Chair

                                        Registered Dietitian Since: 2015

                                        Education: Clinical Dietitian for Aladdin Food Mangement Services; BS from University of Dayton/ MS from University of Pittsburgh

                                        Interests & Hobbies: running, live music, and baking 

                                        Favorite Healthy Food:  Raspberries

                                        • Christy Rickabaugh
                                          Christy RickabaughStudent Liason CCAC

                                          Education: Current CCAC Dietetics Student

                                          Interests& Hobbies: Gardening, cooking, and spending time with my husband and our two dogs

                                          Favorite Healthy Food: Grilled chicken salad.


                                          • Kelsey Eckenrode
                                            Kelsey EckenrodeStudent Liaison IUP

                                            Saint Francis University -B.S. in biology
                                            Indiana University of Pennsylvania – Class of 2016- B.S. in Nutrition/dietetics

                                            Cooking, reading, going for walks

                                            Favorite healthy Food
                                            Chicken salads, grilled asparagus

                                            • Tazharae Bauer
                                              Tazharae BauerPublic Policy Student Representative

                                              Registered Dietitian Since: Student- Coordinated Master’s Program in Nutrition and Dietetics

                                              Current Job Title: Currently working in Medical Records for UPMC Musculoskeletal Center in Cranberry/Mars.

                                              Education:  Penn State University- B.S. in Nutritional Sciences (Didactic program in Dietetics)-14’

                                              Interests & Hobbies: My interests and hobbies involve travel and being outdoors. In my spare weekends I enjoy running outdoors, camping, hiking, fishing, riding dirt bikes, cooking and trying new restaurants with friends and family.

                                              Favorite Healthy Food:  I enjoy colorful salads, fresh sushi and my number one weakness…dark chocolate!



                                              • Sarah Wanco
                                                Sarah WancoStudent Liason IUP

                                                Education: Current dietetics student at Indiana University of PA

                                                Interests& Hobbies: Cooking, running, weight lifting, any outdoor activity, spending time with family and friends.

                                                Favorite Healthy Food: veggies with hummus

                                                • Alissa Barchet
                                                  Alissa BarchetStudent Liaison to University of Pittsburgh

                                                  Job Title:  Current dietetics student at Pitt

                                                  Interests & Hobbies:  Biking, Hiking, Crocheting, and baking

                                                  Favorite Healthy Food: Avocados and Broccoli

                                                  • Emily Stasko
                                                    Emily StaskoStudent Liason- Seton Hill

                                                    Education: Current dietetics student at Seton Hill University

                                                    Interests& Hobbies: Running, reading, dancing and cooking

                                                    Favorite Healthy Food: Bananas